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Van West Koeltechniek bv

Van West Koeltechniek bv is a producer of cooling systems for almost 100 years.
We are specialized in producing series of air chillers and liquid chillers.

Vloeistofkoelers | Van West Koeltechniek

Liquid coolers

We specialize in the serial production of compact water coolers as part of coffee machines, but also as flow-through and drinking water machines.

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Air coolers

We produce air coolers for, among other things, buffet cooling, showcase cooling, sampling refrigeration, comfort cooling, heat pumps etc.

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On our website you will find information about the air and water coolers that we produce. You will find information about a selection of our products to illustrate the many types of air and water coolers that we make in series. For the design and production of your specific wishes, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our focus

Van West Koeltechniek bv is a cooling technical production company with nearly 100 years of experience and is specialized in the serial production of liquid, air and water coolers. We develop and assemble coolers under our own label and for third parties. This can be a single product or serial production up to 1500 pieces.

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Quality and sustainability

Van West Koeltechniek bv guarantees the production of high-quality coolers and distinguishes itself from its competitors. Because all components are of high quality and the assembly is done for professional refrigeration mechanic, we can guarantee a long service life of our coolers with minimal maintenance and excellent durability. In addition, Van West Koeltechniek always has the required certifications and meets the annual accreditation.

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Latest news

New website coming soon

New website coming soon

A website should be a business card of the company and we believe that at Van West Koeltechniek bv too. That is why we are currently working on a new and modern website. This will contain extensive information about our products, the team, our focus, the latest...

Renovation plans

Renovation plans

The Factory Hall will be given a new layout to make the production line even more efficient. This new layout fits in with our new way of working (LEAN, one-piece-flow, see September news item) and ensures that everything in the factory runs more clearly, structured...

Energy savings at Van West Koeltechniek bv

Energy savings at Van West Koeltechniek bv

At Van West Koeltechniek bv we are aware of the warming climate. That is why we took two energy-saving measures last year. A new Mark INFRA system was installed at the end of 2019. With this infrared gas heater we can specifically heat the workshop, saving up to 2/3...