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At Van West Koeltechniek bv, a lot was invested in 2019 in more efficient business operations based on the LEAN principle. In short; eliminate unnecessary steps that do not represent added value. Our production has therefore largely changed from a batch production method to a one piece flow production method. Our business processes have been digitized and extra energy is being put into stock control. All this has been done to strengthen our competitive position in the market.
Our view on the sales price structure has also changed as a result. This means that the selling price of the standard coolers is the same for every customer. The purchase quantity determines the discount percentage. The CBS figures show a rising price trend of approximately 2% for materials and approximately 7% for wages. We have made a new cost price calculation for each cooler type, which includes these price developments together with the results of the renewed operational management. In general, this results in an equivalent cooler price to 2019 with exceptions.